Fourth Person Succumbs To Recent Ebola Flare-Up in Guinea

Ebola 2014: Death toll, new cases on the rise in Africa -

Guinea is witnessing another flare-up of the Ebola virus and it has claimed one more life adding to the list of three.

Spokesman for the centre that coordinates Guinea’s fight against the virus, Fode Tass Sylla said, “The young girl who was hospitalized at the Ebola treatment centre in Nzerekore is dead.”

Three other people have also died of the virus ever since the flare-up of the epidemic on February 29. Health efforts are still investigating and try to find any other person who might have come in contact with the recent Ebola victims and their family.

Ever since its outbreak two years ago, the epidemic has affected thousands of lives in West Africa. The virus had claimed more than 2,500 lives in the country till December 2015. The World Health Organization had then said that the virus was no longer active in the country, however, the virus has flared up again.

The United Nations’ health organisation had however warned that the virus could flare-up again as the virus can linger in the eyes, central nervous system and bodily fluids in some of the Ebola survivors.

Ebola has majorly affected the West African countries where more than 11,300 lives have been lost due to the virus ever since its outbreak. The countries that have been affected in the outbreak are Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone.

Health officials are still investigating and trying to find out the source of the virus that affected the villagers of Koropara which is around 100 kms from Nzerekore. The affected family and the girl belonged to the same village of Guinea.

Commenting on other members of the family who have been affected due to the virus, WHO said, “A mother and her 5-year-old son, relatives of the deceased, confirmed positive for Ebola virus disease in lab tests.”

The WHO sent its specialists on Friday to southeast Guinea after the new Ebola cases were confirmed.

Source: Reuters


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