Florida Doctors Set To Remove 10 Pounds Tumor From Boy’s Face

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Doctors in Florida are set to treat a boy who has a tumour weighing nearly ten pounds, according to reports.

Reports stat that a teenager fro Cuna headed to Miami recently along with his parents on a medical visa to get his tumour removed from his face.

The Chief of the oral and maxillofacial surgery for the University of Miami Health System Dr. Robert Marx, and a team of surgeons are scheduled to operate on the 14-year-old boy on January 12 at Jackson’s Holtz Children’s Hospital, reports state.

According to the boy’s father, Noel Zayas, the timor started to appear on Emanuel’s face when he hit puberty. Him and his parents initially thought it was just a pimple, however, it grew very quickly in size over a few months.

The experts say that Emmanuel was born with a rare disorder called the polyostotic fibrous dysplasia. The particular disorder causes the boy’s body to develop scar like tissues instead of bone. Reports state that disorder can often lead to health hazards like fractures and even deformities of the arms, legs and the skull.

Emmanuel’s father said that they noticed the pimple on the left side of his face two years ago, however, it grow into fleshy mass and continued to how till it reached the size of a basketball.

The experts have said that the boy’s timor is benign, which means that it is not cancerous, however, it poses a threat to the boy’s life as it can suffocate him or the weight of it could fracture his neck.

Dr. Max said that since the timor presses down on the boy’s trachea, he has become undernourished as it has become difficult for him to eat and even swallow food.

“It’s life threatening by its very weight,” Marx said of the tumor on Friday, as Emanuel and his parents held a news conference at Jackson Memorial Hospital, according to Miami Herald’s reports.

Source: Miami Herald


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