Father Shares Pictures Of Infant’s Swollen To Warn Others About This Common Injury


Image credit: Scott Walter/ Facebook

Wichita’s Scott Walter shared a picture of his daughter’s swollen toe on Facebook in January 2016 and the picture has now become viral. Walter said that the injury on his baby’s toe was caused by a “hair tourniquet”.

The condition happens when a loose strand of hair or any fiber gets wrapped around a baby’s finger or other parts and if not paid attention, it can slowly tighten gradually causing restriction of blood flow in that particular area.

After Walter shared the picture of his daughter, Molly’s toe, several others also commented on it talking about the same kind of experiences which other parents are not very cautious about. Walter said that after they saw Molly’s toe they quickly removed the hair from around her toe which had cut through her skin.

Commenting on the injury, Via Christi’s Family Medicine Residency Program’s Dr. Amy Seery said, “If this is allowed to continue it can cause severe damage to the tissue that may be permanent or in worst case scenarios you could actually lose a toe or a finger.”

Doctors recommend parents to wash their children’s socks and mittens inside out and check all their fingers and toes every time after they’ve given them a bath. This can help prevent such injuries.

Dr. Seery further said, “f your child is inconsolable and you can’t figure out why, undress them completely, something like a hair tourniquet or other hidden finding may be there.”

According to doctors, if parents find a hair tourniquet on their baby’s fingers and if there is no visible swelling then they can try to remove it off themselves. However, if the hair appears to be tightly wrapped around a body part and appears to be swollen then the best option for them would be to visit a doctor in order to remove the finer or the hair from the particular part in a safe manner.

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