Faraday Future All Set To Unveil Their Latest Project Before CES 2016


With the automobile technology getting better with every passing day, the world of technology has been improving vastly. One of the fastest rising names in the world of automobile technologies is that of the Faraday Future, which is still shrouded in mystery. The company has been around since 2013, and is yet to come out with their first ever official product on the roads. Faraday Future is all set to make announcements at the CES 2016, but what they are going to actually announce will be announced tomorrow, the 4th of January!

A 1:30 minute video has been released by the company, featuring a teaser of the things that are to follow in the coming days. With millions of viewers across the world having been already excited, it looks like it is certainly worth the wait. The video can be seen as below:

The company went ahead and teased some more on a tweet via their official Twitter handle, @FaradayFuture, saying “Our concept reveal is in 5 days at #CES2016. Watch live at 8pm PST on Jan 4: http://bit.ly/1UgG46n #CarOfConcepts”

The company had announced some really big things last year, stating that their next few releases will be coming out with some of the top names in the world of automobile technology. The company has promised the arrival of electric vehicles, as well as cars which will ‘know’ their drivers and will understand their interests and function accordingly.  With the company having hired some of the biggest names in the world of technology, including people from BMW and Tesla, it looks like they are up to some big things in the days to come.

The CES 2016 is expected to be a big year for the automobile technology, as a larger number of car makers are expected to show off their latest technologies, and this is also expected to be the year AI takes over the car markets.


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