Facebook Year In Review To Only Show Positive Memories:


Facebook has been a company which has been around for quite a while now, and has dominated the world of social media. The company has been adding ‘intelligence’ to their product for quite a while now, and with apps that could recognize the people in your camera roll now, Facebook has certainly taken some major steps forward. You can now book cabs from your messenger too! With so many updates and upgrades being added to the platform, they are expanding with every passing day. Facebook is also testing ‘M’, their virtual assistant. 2016 looks good for Facebook. But while the year comes to a close, Facebook is, as it does every year, rolling out the Year in Review feature.

Year In Review basically shows you some of your top posts from the year, reminding you of all the amazing things you did earlier this year. However, there might be some things that you might not want to think about. Photos with your exes, dead spouses, there could be so much more that you might not want to reflect upon. Facebook’s Year in Review will not be showing you these horrible memories this time around! fb-year

In a blunder last year, the company showed web designer Eric Meyer the images of his dead daughter, Rebecca. This was certainly not something he would like to remember when he looks back at the year! This time around, the company has been way more careful and has taken steps to ensure they do not include memorial accounts or exes.  Also, those that you have blocked from ‘On This Day’ will not feature in your Year in Review.

The company has also introduced relationship management feature where you could still be friends with your exes on Facebook but you won’t be seeing their updates or images. “We won’t show you photos where memorialized accounts or exes are tagged, or photos with people you’ve blocked or added to your On This Day preferences,” a Facebook representative commented.


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