Facebook Reactions Rolled Out Globally – know the details:


Facebook has been a company which has been scaring the world with a dystopina dream off late. The company first posted an eerie image of Mark Zuckerberg walking through a hall of people wearing the Oculus. The photo was very creepy as it shows a dystopian reality earlier only dreamed of in novels such as 1984. The company has now been working on pinning down their users to expressing the six emotions that they want – like, love, haha, wow, sad, and angry, as the company rolls out the global update for all the users where the Facebook Reactions go live. facebook_reactions_emoji-600x328

Facebook Reactions include these six emotions which help the users express their state of mind in just one click, but more clearly than clicking on a like button. While a ‘like’ on a status could be left for several interpretations , this will help the content creator gauge into a better understanding of what the users have to think about their content.

The Facebook Reactions were earlier limited to a select few countries, but have now rolled out for the global audiences, and over the week, everyone is going to get this update. The Facebook Reactions might ‘tie you down’ to six emotions, but it is certainly better than an ambiguous like button.

“We have been very intentional about really understanding what people are trying to communicate on Facebook right now and how can we make that easier,” said Tom Alison, engineering director of News Feed.

While there are questions raised on the company over limiting the users to just six emotions, the answer that came was – “We would consider it if it feels like that’s going to be something that fulfills a need,” Alison said. “We’ve wanted to make sure the product is lightweight, simple and understandable. The more reactions we add, the more complicated it gets.”

This is indeed a positive step forward and benefits brands as well as users.


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