Enter Facebook with your nickname


Ever wanted to have a Facebook account on your nick name or just your fake name? Well, soon enough you will be able to do that as Facebook plans to change its “real name” policy in December of this year.

At present, Facebook demands that people make their accounts on Facebook with their real names. If anyone does not do that, anyone can report the person and as a result the person might not be able to access his or her account again. This requirement becomes a predicament for activists or transgenders who want to protect cloak their identity online.

Alex Schultz of Facebook says “We want to reduce the number of people who are asked to verify their name on Facebook, when they are already using the name people know them by. We want to make it easier for people to confirm their name if necessary.”

The changes that Facebook will introduce will allow people to give the context for whatever information they will choose to give and will require more information to be given by users reporting other users to obviate the abuse of this feature.

Have you ever wanted to keep your identity secret or make a Facebook account on the nickname your grandparents called you by?


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