10 Symptoms of Cats Cancer


One of the worst news you could ever hear from a vet is that your pet has cancer! However, observing your cats could help you detect the signs, and if your cat happens to have any of these signs, you need to visit a vet ASAP! Here are the 10 signs of cats cancer:


  1. Loss of Appetite


One of the most common symptoms on a cancerous growth in a cat is a loss of their appetite. Normally known to be hungry and voracious eaters, you know something is going wrong when your cat starts eating lesser than usual with every passing day. Please take your cat to a vet if this persists for more than 3 days.


  1. Frequent Vomiting5214110764_f314c2296c_z

NEVER force-feed your cat if it does not want to eat. If you have observed a loss of appetite in your cat, and if it starts vomiting, something is certainly wrong as whatever little food that goes inside is also coming out. Do not force feed your cat, as that might result in vomit too. This could be alarming if it happens over and over.


  1. Diarrhoea


If your cat happens to not eat well, and/or throw up, it is a bad sign. However, something is surely wrong if along with any of those symptoms, it also begins to poop more frequently. Cats are known to be shy animals and the defecate away from sight. However if you happen to notice them eat less and poop more in your sight, you should get them checked!

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