Diabetic Women Are At higher Risk of Abortion

Dangers for pregnancy and heart diseases

Doctors have warned that pregnant women who have diabetes are at an increased risk of miscarriage or abortion. The experts however are not talking about gestational diabetes, which is a condition where a woman develops the diseases during the time of pregnancy. The doctors here refer to women who had diabetes before they got pregnant.

The experts say that that the chance of abortion and foetal abnormalities increases by a considerable amount if the mother has pre-existing diabetes.

Commenting on the higher chances of the abortion, a consultant diabetologist at Apollo Hospital in New Delhi, India, Dr Ramesh Goyal said,”These days out of 100 pregnant women at least 5% to 7% have diabetes and we are not talking of gestational diabetes. Women with diabetes who get pregnant have a higher risk of foetal malformation and abortion compared to others including those with gestational diabetes.”

While, Dr Hiren Patt, endocrinologist with Narayana Multispecialty hospital that women with pre-existing diabetes also have an increased chance of miscarriage in their first and second trimester.

“Earlier type 2 diabetes was found mostly among those above 40 years of age but now people in their 20s and 30s are also inflicted by the condition. This is also the child bearing age and that is why we are seeing more cases of pregnant women with a diabetic condition,” said Dr Patt.

Dr Goyal said that in addition of being extra cautious, diabetic women also have to control their calorie intake during their pregnancy, which means they constantly need to ensure that they take adequate amount of calories to help the growing foetus develop properly.

“There is also the social practice in India were pregnant women are fed calorie rich food. This is particularly dangerous for diabetic pregnant women as she needs to ensure a balanced diet that will not spike her sugar levels nor lead to foetal malnourishment,” Dr Goyal added.

Source: DNAIndia


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