Dental Care Could Help Curb Obesity In Children: Study

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According to the findings of a recent study, parents could help in curbing their children’s obesity if they focus on their dental care. A thorough dental care would assist in cutting your child’s love for sugary drinks and junk food.

The recent study found an association between poor dental health and a rise in Body Mass Index (BMI( and extra body fat in children.

Commenting on the findings, a doctoral student at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, Louise Arvidsson said, “Weight can be a sensitive subject, but if you talk about eating behaviours alongside dental health, you are looking at the issue from a different angle.”

“The question is whether a healthy diet can have an effect on young children. In the past, there has been a lot of focus on physical activity and mental health in children,” Arvidsson added.

In order to reach their findings, the researchers reviewed the eating behaviour, body fat and dental health ofnearly 271 children. They then consistently observed their height, weight and food intake and were monitored for one day and then checked for the prevalence of cariogenic micro-organisms in saliva.

After evaluating the data, the researchers found out that the children who had higher amount of caries bacteria also had higher BMI and worse eating habits.

The children, during the study, were asked to consume wholegrain products, such as 400-500 grams of fruit and vegetables per day, fish two to three times a week and a low intake of sugar and saturated fat.

The study, which was conducted at the University’s Sahlgrenska Academy, stated that consumption of good food was associated with self-esteem, better relationships with friends and fewer emotional problems.

Emotional problems could also trigger a desire for binge eating in people, resulting in tremendous weight gain or obesity.

Source: HindustanTimes


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