Deadly Plague Sweeps Madagascar, WHO Provides 1.2 million Antibiotics To Combat the Disease

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The World Health Organisation (WHO) has proved almost 1.2 million doses of antibiotics to Madagascar as the country is fighting a deadly plague. The antibiotics released were worth nearly $1.5 million dollars in emergency funds, according to reports.

Commenting on the plague outbreak, WHO Representative in Madagascar, Dr. Charlotte Ndiaye said, “Plague is curable if detected in time. Our teams are working to ensure that everyone at risk has access to protection and treatment. The faster we move, the more lives we save.”

The United Nation’s health organisation has delivered nearly 1,190,000 doses of antibiotics to the Ministry of Health in Madagascar this week. Reports state that an additional supply of 244,000 doses of antibiotics is expected in the coming days.

The varying antibiotics in the supply will be used for both curative and prophylactic care of the plague patients. Reports state that the medicines are enough to treat nearly 5000 patients and can protect up to 100,000 people ho may be exposed to the disease in the country.

The medicine supplies are reportedly being disseminated through the health facilities and mobile health clinics across Madagascar with the assistance of the country’s Ministry of Health and partners.

There is a critical shortage of disinfectant materials and personal protective equipment for health professionals and safe burials ever since the plague started spreading in the country.

According to reports, nearly 33 deaths have been registered and 231 patients have been infected with the deadly virus since August this year.

Plague is a communicable diseases and both the strains bubonic and pneumonic plague can be cured with the help of common antibiotics if administered timely. Pneumonic plague however is the most dangerous of the two types and affects the lungs of a person. This type of plague can be transmitted through coughing at a close range.

WHO has reportedly appealed for a total of US $5.5 million to respond to the outbreak effectively.

Source: MediaCenter


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