Consuming Barbecued Meat May Increase Risk Of Kidney Cancer

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A new study has suggested that cooking meats at an increased temperature like barbecuing or frying can actually increase the risk of a person’s chances of getting kidney cancer.

The new study result has come in the wake of the recent World Health Organization (WHO) report that consumption of processed meat like hot dogs, bacon and sausages can elevate a person’s risk of getting colon cancer.

Since the cases of kidney related cancer is increasing in the United States (US), the study specifically looked at what could be inducing the increased risk of the cancer.

Lead researcher of the study and professor in the department of epidemiology at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Dr. Xifeng Wu said, “This study, and others like it, suggest that the way we cook our meat could potentially impact kidney cancer risk.”

She further suggested, “Limit the amount of time the meat is cooked at really high temperatures or over an open flame resulting in burning, smoking, or charring of the meat.”

She also said that the American Cancer Society’s dietary recommendations for cancer prevention also suggests to limit the consumption of processed and red meats.

According to the vice president for epidemiology at the cancer society Susan Gapstur, when the meats are cooked at an increased or very high temperatures, they release certain cancer-inducing chemicals some of which are associated with kidney cancer.

Gapstur said, “ This study offers some clues that meat cooked at high temperature might increase the risk for cancer, especially among people with certain genetic mutations.”

Although, Gapstur stated that the study does not prove the cause and effect relationship between meat cooked at high temperatures and kidney cancer, the research only provides certain associations between the two.

The findings of the study were published in the journal Cancer.

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