Coconut Oil May Not Be As Healthy As You Thought


Health Experts in the United States have stated that coconut oil may not be as healthy as previously thought by people. The experts said that the particular oil could in fact be as unhealthy as beef dripping or butter.

The American Heart Association (AHA) in its updated advice said that coconut oil is packed with saturated fat which increase “bad” cholesterol in a person’s body.

Coconut oil is popularly sold as a healthy alternative for various oils used in cooking, and some even claim that the fat present in the oil could be better for people than other saturated fats present in food products.However, the AHA has said that there have been no thorough studies conducted yet which can support this popular notion.

Health experts usually state that animal fats like lard are usually bad, while vegetable and plant oils like olive oil and sunflower oil are considered a healthier option for consumption. the experts decide which kind of oil is good or bad on how much saturated fat the products contain.

Saturated fat or “sat fat” is considered bad for health, however certain experts differ in their opinion.

Reports state that consumption of a diet which is high in saturated fat can increased the level of “bad” (LDL) cholesterol in a person’s blood, which can cause their arteries to clog and raise the risk of cardiovascular diseases and stroke, according to BBC reports.

The AHA states that at least 82 percent of the fat present in coconut oil is saturated. This percentage of saturated fat is more than the amount present in butter, which is 63 percent, beef fat which contains 50 percent sat fat, and pork lard which contains at least 39 percent of sat fat.

However, many claim that the mixture of fats present in coconut oil still make it a healthier option than animal fat, but the AHA says that there is no hard evidence present to support that claim.

The AHA also says that people should limit the consumption of saturated fat, and replace some of it with unsaturated oils like sunflower and olive oil.

Source: BBC


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