Children Who Eat Fish Once A Week Have Higher IQs, Sleep Better


According to the findings of a recent study, children who eat fish at least once a week have higher IQs than those who do not. The study also added that consuming fish at least one time per week also added to better sleep at night.

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania through their study concluded that the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish may be the reason behind its multiple benefits. Reports state that Omega-3 fatty acids have been previously known to be associated with intelligence and improved sleep.

The researchers said that even though the study was conducted on Chinese children, kids in America are just as likely to benefit from consuming fish if they are ready to change their diet. The study however said that it could not prove that eating fish caused higher IQs and better sleep, however, they found an association between the two.

The researchers, in order to reach the findings of the study, studied the eating habits of more than 500 boys and girls in China between the ages of 9 and 11. Reports state that the children in the study were asked to finish a questionnaire about how often did they eat fish in the past one month. The options in the questionnaire ranged from never to at least once a week.

The children also took a Chinese version IQ test which rates verbal and non-verbal skills called the Wechsler Intelligence scale for Children -Revised.

The study also asked certain questions from the children’s’ parent, including the quality of their sleep. The questions included how long did the kids sleep, how often they woke up in the middle of the night or whether they sleep during daytime, according to reports.

The findings of the study were published in the journal Scientific Reports.

Source: NDTV


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