Canada’s Miss World Anastasia Lin Denied Entry In China

Miss World Canada Anastasia Lin was denied entry to China | Daily ...

It has been reported that Canada’s Miss World Anastasia Lin has been denied entry to China.
The 25-year-old beauty pageant contestant has been known for being outspoken towards her views and opinion on China’s religious policies. She is also a follower of China’s outlawed meditation practice, the Falun Gong.
So, it’s no wonder that when Lin was about to board a plane in Hong Kong International Airport heading to China last Thursday – she has been barred and denied visa with no cited reasons.
Upon being denied entry to China, Lin commented regarding the matter, saying:
“If they censor beauty pageants – how pathetic is that?”
Apparently, when landed in Hong Kong and was about to board another flight that will be heading to Hainan, she was held back and was asked to speak to a provincial officer – whose surname she identified as Chen – and the officer informed her that she has been denied entry but without suffice reasoning.
“To prevent me from even stepping into Chinese territory, I think this is what they’re trying to do.” She said.
“I really don’t see where this insecurity comes from.”
“I think that’s the real harm when people watch this and learn negative lesson. I hope people see courage and hope in the story, not simply just being denied.”
Lin is Chinese-born and has moved to Canada at the age of 13. She also shared that when she won the Miss Canada title, several Chinese officials allegedly paid his father – who still resides in China – in order to intimidate the young beauty queen.
She became quite a controversy when she spoke about her beliefs in Falun Gong and opinions in China’s religion. In an interview Lin previously had, she talked about how thousands of Falun Gong practitioners have been killed off and had their organs harvested and sold for transplant.



  1. She openly admitted that she will raise this issues of FLG in China during a US congressional hearing. FLG is banned in China, including any FLG practitioners. I don’t know what you expected China to do in this case. Be thankful that by banning her, China took the course of action where it spared the Canadians from a costly diplomatic dispute.


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