Can eating Breakfast Regularly Really Help Us Be Thin?


You must have heard and seen many adverts promoting the health benefits of eating breakfast but does that really stand true? Reports state that many cereal makers fund studies to encourage people to eat breakfasts as they bring health benefits and keeps one stay thin.

If majority of these ‘health benefits from breakfast’ studies are funded by cereal companies then it makes you doubt whether the cereals actually prove beneficial for our health. It is difficult to choose the breakfast hype studies from the reliable dietary advice. However, one thing is certain, that eating breakfast is not bad for us.

Although there are certain advertisements who claim that eating breakfast does make people thin, for example an advertisement from Special K. In the 1990s claimed on the cereal boxes that people who did not eat breakfast normally lost more weight when they started eating breakfast regularly.

Commenting on this piece of claim on the cereal box, co-author of a study David Schlundt said that the cereal makers did not mention that the regular breakfast eaters who began skipping their meals lost even more weight than those who started eating the morning meal.

However, Schlundt also added that it does not signify that some people can not control their appetites by eating particular breakfasts or can bring in other benefits by eating the meal like energy. Schlundt’s study which consisted of 50 women although showed that it is easy to simplify the complexities and limitations of nutrition science and picking a particular findings according to your need or advertisements.

Advise about eating different type of foods or stressing on particular meals of the day can be tricky considering that our understanding of what is healthy and what is not changes with time and scientific findings. Even the dietary guidelines are regularly updates considering the findings of latest science.

However, the recommendation to include breakfasts in your daily meal to help control your weight is not in the guidelines anymore. The recommendation was included in the guidelines in 2010. However, the government does not find this true anymore and with the latest update it has said that it has looked at broader eating patterns before removing the breakfast guideline.

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