Boys’ Brains Are Wired To Be Unemotional And Callous: Study


A recent study has found out that boys are generally considered unemotional and callous and the wiring of their brains could be blamed for that. According to the study, boys have structural differences int their brains associated with conscience and empathy.

Researchers from the University of Basel and University of Basel Psychiatric Hospital in Switzerland conducted the study and evaluated the brain development in nearly 189 adolescents, according to reports.

The researchers, over the recent years, have studied these particular personality traits with more attention as they have been often linked to the development of more serious and continuous antisocial behaviour.

However, most of the researchers studying these traits associated it with a psychiatric diagnosis, more particularly the conduct disorder. It remained unclear whether an association between callous-unemotional traits and brain structure was only present in certain clinical population with more aggression or whether antisocial behaviour explained the structural differences in the brain.

In order to reach the finding, the researchers then used magnetic resonance imaging to take a close look at the brain development of teenagers to find out the association between these personality traits and structural differences in brains of the participants.

The researcher then noted that the relationship between callous-unemotional traits and brain structure differed between boys and girls.The researchers then concluded that there was a variation in brain structure of the boys, according to reports.

Commenting on the findings of the study, Nora Maria Raschle from the University of Basel said, “Our findings demonstrate that callous-unemotional traits are related to differences in brain structure in typically- developing boys without a clinical diagnosis.”

“In a next step, we want to find out what kind of trigger leads some of these children to develop mental health problems later in life while others never develop problems,” Raschle added.

Source: DeccanChronicle


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