Boost Your Fitness by Increasing Your Vertical Jump


    Working out the legs can give many benefits to fitness and overall body strength. In fact, building powerful legs is directly related to increasing your vertical jumps. To make this effective and possible, you have to target the right muscle groups and keep the routine included in your regular workouts. And you can’t stop once you feel like you’ve achieved your goal. You need practice and training to keep the muscles in good coordination with each other as you jump. You need to keep doing this often even if you only need it inside the basketball court or in PE class. Here are the things that you need to do:

    Target the Right Muscles

    The jumping muscles are the main target of your leg workout. These muscles include the quadriceps, hamstrings and gastrocnemius along with soleus in the calf. The right workout movements to do are lunges, squats, and calf raises. This will effectively build strength in the jumping muscle groups.

    Increase Workout Intensity

    To increase the intensity of the workout, adding weights will definitely build additional strength. As you perform the workout movements previously mentioned, you should try using dumbbells and barbells while working out. Another effective technique is to carry weight plates as you walk on your toes because these will strengthen and grow the calves.

    Practice Coordination

    The most successful way of building powerful legs and increase your vertical jump is to condition all muscle groups to work together while jumping. A good example of training is plyometric because it makes use of fast and powerful moves to build strength on jumping movements. Try doing jump squats, tuck jumps, and lateral leg hops. Do these movements in varying length and speed.

    Workout in the Pool

    Jumping in a pool most effectively builds the vertical of your jump. What does water resistance have to do with your jump? The density of water is greater than the density of the whole body. You give in extra effort to move and workout your body while in the water without even noticing it. This will lengthen your workout with added intensity. Try running and jumping in the waters. Also, performing pool plyometric moves can result to less soreness, joint and muscle pain.

    Healthy Diet

    Exercise is not the only solution to having stronger legs. Healthy diet can give great impact on your workout especially when you need to build more muscle mass and increase energy supply. Once the body becomes accustomed to the workout, you would need to maintain the diet and take vitamin and mineral supplements along with it.

    Do This Regularly

    The best thing for you to do is maintain the workout routine. Building powerful legs and increase your vertical jump can lead you to becoming a great athlete. This is your passage way to getting stronger, faster and even more flexible. Moreover, jumping is movement that includes full body coordination including the brain. You can observe athletes of different fields doing their leg training and strengthen to have a better performance.



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