Bomb Threat In Apple Ireland Office – Employees Evacuated:


In today’s day and age, we live in a society which lives in fear. With terror attacks rising and acts of violence becoming increasingly common. With neither schools nor malls spared, terror attacks have become the new face of fear. Authorities too have become quite strict regarding these terror attacks, and no threat is taken lightly. Often hoaxes lead to a major chaos, but they too, have to be dealt in a manner which is deemed cautious just in case they might be true. One such bomb hoax at Apple Ireland resulted in the evacuation of nearly 4600 employees recently.Apple

As per reports from the Irish Independent, Three different plants were completely evacuated after a possible security threat. There were several threatening emails which been received by the company, as the paper reported.

According to various live reports, Irish military staff were present at the site, and as of this moment, it is not clear whether any suspicious packages have been found or not, but by now it is being declared as a ‘hoax’. The police have reported that quite a few plants have been evacuated in response to the threats.

Apple Ireland Offices comprise of their European headquarters as well as their production plant. However, thankfully nothing bad happened and work is expected to have resumed normally post that. Terror hoaxes are becoming common. While sometimes they are meant to cause chaos and panic, there are also people who do it for the fun of it, and cause a major trouble in workflow.

After the recent terror attacks in France and San Bernardino, among various other countries and cities of the world, no terror threat is being taken lightly by security agencies across the world. Thankfully the bomb threat in the Apple Ireland office remained what it was – a hoax! Measures need to be taken against the people who spread these hoaxes.


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