Blackberry slowly gaining momentum in the market


When someone says the word Blackberry, smartphones almost always come into mind immediately. Along with Samsung and Apple, Blackberry is one of the biggest and most popular smartphone manufacturers. Although fellow phone makers have recently taken over the market, the brand is still looking to very much stay in the game with the continuous development of new products.

This has been confirmed when CEO John Chen revealed that the company is in the drawing board to develop a new Android phone via an interview with media outlet Bloomberg.

Furthermore, the Hong Kong-born Chairman also stated that this new phone may be the leaked Blackberry Vienna or it might be an entirely different device, which will serve as the successor of the Blackberry Priv.

“Three or four months will tell us ‘is this a good strategy?,'” said Chen in the interview. “If [the Priv] is well received in the market, then yes. We will probably still focus very much on the high end, but we might look a little more into the midrange.”

The company will work to get back its magic with the help of growing internally via developing new projects and implementing them with their already existing projects. This will take away the attention from acquisitions which is by far the focus of Blackberry. Nevertheless, Chen is looking forward to more collaborative efforts with other top notch brands like Tesla and Google regarding the ongoing experimentation of self driving vehicles.

Meanwhile, Digital Trends listed down the possible specs of the Vienna, which will include an all metal coverage, physical keyboard, a multipurpose slot which can accommodate a MicroSD or a SIM card and an 8-megapixel camera.

The new phone is also said to inherit great features from other models such as the Blackberry Passport and release will be heavily dependent on how the market will accept Blackberry’s previous release which is the Blackberry Priv. Fortunately, the Priv has been keeping up with sales as reports suggested that the device was sold out at Walmart, Best Buy, and Amazon just a few days after its release.




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