Binge Drinking Can Get Your Heart Racing: Study


According to the findings of a recent study, binge drinking or drinking a lot of alcohol in a short space of time could be bad for your heart and can give you heart arrhythmia.

Researchers from the University Hospital of Munich conducted a field experiment in Germany with around 3000 adult participants at Munich’s popular annual Oktoberbfest. The festival is famous for people binge drinking beer.

The researchers, after observing the participants, found out that chances of heart arrhythmia, quickening of heart beat, went up as the people consumed more amount of beer in a short span of time.

The study however noted that most of the cases of abnormal heart rhythm were “apparently harmless” sinus tachycardia, where the heart just beats faster than normal, but a few were not. The researchers found out that about 5 percent of these cases were more worrying than the others, and included conditions like atrial fibrillation which is associated with chances of heart failure and stroke.

The researchers however also stated that they found the odds of getting a serious case of arrhythmia very low, and stated that there was no significant association between alcohol consumption and dangerous heart arrhythmias. The study although hated that there was indeed a significant link between alcohol consumption and a more benign form of arrhythmia.

In order to reach the findings of the study, the researchers conducted heart traces of the volunteers using a mobile phone app while they partied and drank at the Oktoberfest. The researches said that although it is not uncommon to have your heart beat race in a party atmosphere, sinus tachycardia was far more common among the drinkers who had downed a few steins of beer at the fest, in comparison to around 400 people who did not drink.

The researchers noted that the chances of a cardiac arrhythmia hiked as the amount of alcohol increased in a person’s body.

Researcher Moritz Sinner said “what we have found is that alcohol does interfere with heart rhythm, which hasn’t been shown like this before.”

Source: radionz


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