Beware: Wearing Hair Bands On Wrist Can Cause Severe Infection


Image Credit: tvnewsroom

A recent incident has revealed that wearing hair bands on wrist can be seriously injurious to you. A woman from Louisville, Kentucky developed severe infection and had to undergo an immediate surgery because of wearing a hair band on her wrist.

It is seen that most women prefer to wear their hair ties on their wrist so that it is easy and accessible for them to find it whenever it is necessary. However, sometimes they forget taking the hair tie off the wrist when not in use and that may cause infection.

The woman named Audrey Kopp was busy for two weeks because she was shifting houses. In the midst of all the shuffling and hustle, she one day noticed that there was a lumpy swelling on her wrist and it kept growing bigger and redder.

After the lump began looking worse, she went for a consultation where the doctor prescribed her to take antibiotics. However, the antibiotics did not seem to help her and the lump on her wrist continued growing bigger.

Kopp then went to the emergency room to get her infection checked once again and was recommended to undergo immediate surgery as the infection was severe. She was relieved that the infection was detected on time and did not reach the stage of sepsis.

Commenting on Kopp’s infection, Norton Healthcare’s Dr. Amit Gupta said that Kopp had developed a large abscess on her wrist and a surgery was required to cut it up and drain out the pus.

He also said that the most likely cause of the infection was the hair tie Kopp usually wears on her wrist. He said that the band might have gotten under her skiing through her skin pores and hair follicles and resulted in an infection.

Advising against wearing hair ties on wrists, Dr. Gupta further said, “Be careful, you can’t put all these hair-ties around the wrist particularly because it can cause problems with the skin, it can cause infection.”

Source: Tech Times


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