BBC Website Taken Down After Attack, Says Company:


In today’s day and age, privacy and security have become a joke. With names as big as Juniper Network becoming victims of hacker activity, and with data like even the US Voters information being leaked, there’s just too much which is at stake when it comes to the realm of the internet. Storing any kind of information on the internet has now become quite risky, and with every passing day, people are tending towards breaking into your privacy more than ever before. One of the latest victims of online hacks is BBC, as the British Broadcasting Corporation has said that the BBC website was under attack and was knocked offline due to it.

The BBC website, as per their claims, was attacked, and the site as well as their video on demand service were down for several hours on Thursday morning. However their television programming and radio was unaffected. BBC has posted on twitter claiming that their website was down due to a ‘technical issue’, however people within BBC were quoted saying it was due to ‘Distributed Denial of Service’ attack, which is one of the most common ways of knocking a website out.BBC-Logo

“The BBC website is now back up and operating normally,’’ the company said in a statement over e-mail. “We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced.”

As of this point of time it is still unclear who was behind the attack and what were their motives. This could be anything ranging from teenagers trying to have fun to security researchers exposing a loophole, or something as malicious as a potential enemy of the state trying to cause terror via acts of cyber terrorism.

The BBC website is now up and running as good as it was in the past. Several media houses and government agencies have been attacked with the DDoS attacks in recent times, and it comes as a rude awakening for companies as they realize they need to beef up security.


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