Back to 90’s: Celebrities Hairstyle Trends


The 90’s fashion is over for more than two decades but the hairstyle that flourished in this era will never be forgotten. Here are some celebrities who brought the 90’s hairstyle into their latest fashion trend.

Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale is famous for her chic short hairs that are ready for any occasion. Chic short hairs is a universal hairstyle that you can wear on any event. The length of the hair is just enough to draw attention to your pretty face with enough visibility and emphasis to the neck.

The Pretty Little Liar actress always feature a side-parted bob with medium waves. This is a playful style with a classy look. Lucy Hale’s hairstyle is definitely one you should consider on your next haircut.

Zoe Kravitz

It was just a couple of weeks ago when Zoe Kravitz revealed an extreme Pixie cut in her Instagram post. Pixie cut is a classic 90’s look that requires very little maintenance. This hairstyle gives focus to those edgy cheekbones giving you a tough but classic look.

Zoe Kravitz uploaded the photo after fans teased her of shaving her hair. The Big Little Lies actress definitely knows how to please her fans and gives hints of her next possible act.

Taylor Swift

Another 90’s favorite hairstyle is the short bob and bangs combo. This hairstyle gives you a playful and innocent look. The short bob with bangs combo definitely brings out the young look in every individual.

Taylor Swift proudly shows her new hairstyle that stuns the public. The singer and actress looks awesome with her 90’s look making every girl dream of having.

Gabrielle Union

Box braids are definitely a big thing in the 90’s! It was during this time that black people got huge respect in the industry making them an inspiration to the generation today.

Janet Jackson is one famous 90’s personality that loves the box braid. Now, Gabrielle Union happily shows off her new hairstyle as another 90’s inspiration look. Box braids could be worn in different twists and gorgeous locs as seen on Gabrielle’s style.

Jennifer Lopez

Friends is an iconic show in the 90’s. Jennifer Aniston even got a hairstyle named after her character. The hairstyle is named ‘The Rachel’ since one look at the cut and you will know it’s inspired after her.

Jennifer Lopez was seen with ‘The Rachel’ hairstyle in a modern take. This style features an off-center part with soft and touchable waves.

Mollie King

Mollie King attended the British Fashion Awards with a stunning bun accented with a 90’s two loose strands on each side of the face. This hairstyle is always the favorite style of celebrities attending awards and formal occasion.

The hairstyle adds seductiveness to the very clean style making every woman look attractive and elegant.

Zayn Malik

Former One Direction singer Zayn Malik looks so handsome in his Blond Top Highlight. Hair color started in the 90’s. The Backstreet Boys is well-known in sporting the look.

The Blond Top Highlight is now one of the favorite hairstyles among men as they try to spice up their usual look. Zayn Malik definitely knows how to bring the 90’s hairstyle back in the game.

Johnny Depp

Famous Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp has his favorite 90’s that he frequently wears on and off camera. The Front Curtained hairstyle is young Leonardo Dicaprio’s signature look in the 90’s. The style is even names “Young Leo” hairstyle since he is always associated with this look.

The Front Curtained hairstyle gives some kind of mystery but professional look to male celebrities. It adds strength to their personality.

Jasmine Sanders

Jasmine Sanders is a famous young model with over 80 million followers on her social media accounts.’The model loves to feature her golden ringlets which is Mariah Carey’s signature look during the 90’s. The Golden Ringlets hairstyle is a fresh look that could be altered and fashioned in different occasions still looking gorgeous as it is.

Beyonce Knowles

The award winning singer, Beyonce Knowles, always wears the micro braid hairstyle. The style started getting famous in the 90’s from many celebrities. This hairstyle is a ready-to-go style that looks gorgeous in all angles.

Beyonce always has her hair styled in micro braid because it keeps her curls looking good always.


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