Australia will be the next country to embed traffic lights into sidewalks for smartphone users


Augsburg City in Germany issued a report in April that it had dished out sidewalk traffic lights, a novelty solution to the problem of people walking into the busy roads while using their smartphones:

.It now appears that other countries consider that the idea is valuable as Australia is mulling over testing them on Sydney streets.

Just like the German model, they will function similarly with the standard pedestrian lights by signaling when it is the time to cross a road safely. Being implanted in the sidewalk implies that mobile handset buffs are needed to raise their heads from whatever social media sites they are peering into.

The state government of New South Wales will start the A$250,000 (US$181,488) testing in December that will lasts for six months. The lights will be implanted in five sites, with greater chances that it will appear in other places if the trial reaps success.

Bernard Carlon, who happens to be the Executive Director of Centre for Road Safety stated to Mashable,  “Pedestrians are less protected in a road crash, and are therefore more likely to be seriously injured or killed.” Carlon added, “This is why we need to create a road system that keeps them safe, and this includes situations when they may not be paying attention.”

The experiment is part of the Towards Zero campaign that targets at lowering the number of deaths and serious injuries brought about by traffic accidents. There were 67 people that were killed on NSW roads for the past one year, surpassing the 44 pedestrian deaths that were recorded during the same period one year ago.

Carlon said, “The lights are aimed at pedestrians using mobile phones who are not looking where they are walking.” He said, further, “They will serve as another layer of warning on top of existing lights and signals.”

It’s possible that not all of the residents will consider that the lights are brilliant idea. A number of individuals in Augsburg have complained that the traffic lights were not worthy at all. However, Duncan Gay, NSW Roads Minister, stated that “If these lights could save just one life — I’ll do it

Many countries are zeroing into the lights as a mean of curbing road accidents, there’s likelihood that they’ll begin showing up in more areas, like the United States.

Source: techspot


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