Apple Watch and the new Apple Troubleshooting Tool

How Will Apple's 'Smart Watch' Affect the Industry? - The New York ...

The Apple’s wrist-worn device, dubbed as the Apple Watch will never as prominent as the company’s flagship mobile device, that is, the iPhone, but it is now gradually making its presence felt on the crowded watch niche.

According to an earlier report made by Bloomberg, exports of Swiss made watched have posted a six-year low and just raked in $2 billion.

Joe White of tech site AppAdvice noted: Yet for the smart watch industry, the situation couldn’t be more different; here, the Apple Watch has helped the industry rocket, and it seems low-end luxury watch brands have suffered most greatly since Cupertino’s device hit the market. Fossil Group Inc., for instance, “saw its stock slump 37 percent Nov. 13 after saying fourth-quarter sales may decline as much as 16 percent amid competition with wearable technology.”

 According to reports made by Digitimes, Apple is now headed to reach over 10 million Apple Watch sales this year, including 4 million units sold the holiday shopping season. The wearable device was launched nine months ago.

The highly anticipated “Apple Watch 2″ is projected to land in the market in the second or third quarter of 2016.

Apple is developing a new troubleshooting tool

Apple is currently working in an iOS app, a new troubleshooting tool designed to aid get rid of troubleshoot issues with iPads and iPhones.

The news originates from uSwitch Tech, which is boasting off photos handed to them  Sonny Dickson.

White states: “Here, the publication explains that, ‘according to an insider with knowledge of goings-on at Apple’s Infinite Loop HQ,’ the in-development application asks customers ‘basic questions to boil down the problem’ affecting iOS devices quickly. The app also allows users to “book a service, send their device in for service, or give a call to Apple.

“Of course, the application is designed to help users in the process of organizing a repair for their iOS device. And indeed, this is something Apple needs to be focusing on, given the frequent impossibility of securing Genius Bar reservations at a great many Apple Stores. Through asking customers the right questions, too, Apple’s upcoming app should better ensure that devices aren’t sent off for repair when they could, instead, have rather been fixed at home.”


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