Apple All Set To Introduce Major iPhone 5S Price Cut: Know The Details


Apple has been a company which has been dominating the markets of technology or the past 40 years. The company has been innovating several trends in the business, and has been dominating the markets of hardware technology. Apple, in the past several years, has always been perceived as a premium brand for the rich, and has appealed the aspirers who want to be seen as achievers. The company is now planning to introduce a major change in the way their pricing has been over the years, and for the first time, the iPhone would be a budget phone, as Apple would soon be introducing an iPhone 5s price cut.

iPhone 5s price cut

This iPhone 5S price cut is likely to come out in the second week of July and would last till the second week of August. During this iPhone 5s price cut, Apple is expected to drop down the price of the device down to as low as $200. The company needs a major boost in the sales, and with this drop in the price, they wont be hurting the sale of the iPhone 7 as well because most people who could afford an iPhone 7 would not be interested in an iPhone 5S anyway.

The iPhone 5S price cut would bring the price to almost $200, enabling a large group of people to own an iPhone now. Traditionally the costs of an iPhone have always been too high, and members of an emerging markets have never been able to afford one. However, the company is now expected to focus more on the emerging nations, and an iPhone 5s price cut is no longer a speculation, but is something which is bound to happen.

Apple has been in need of a boost in their sales, and this could certainly help them achieve their short term targets.


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