Apple All Set To Introduce iPhone 5S Price Cut – iPhone 5S Price Expected To Hit $200:


One of the biggest names when it comes to the markets of hardware technology, Apple has been a company which has been progressing at a rapid pace. The company has been coming out with a large number of updates and upgrades, and has been innovating the markets like never before. There have been many changes in the way the markets of technology operate, and Apple is now working on bringing around a change in the pricing strategy of their devices. Apple’s iPhone devices are typically perceived to be premium devices due to their price. However, Apple is now expected to introduce an iPhone 5s price cut which would bring down the price of the iPhone 5s to budget lows of as less as $200!

iPhone 5s price cut

This is a  record low which Apple’s devices have never hit before, and with this, the company can easily tap into the markets of budget phones. While it was being anticipated since January that an iPhone 5s price cut is coming, Apple had actually hiked the price of the devices by as much as 30%. However it has now been anticipated that the company will soon be introducing a price cut.

This need to introduce an iPhone 5s price cut arose because Apple’s profits are on a decline as the company has been experiencing a drop in the sales volumes as seen in the financial reports. With this iPhone 5s price cut coming out soon, it is being anticipated that the company is actually looking at the markets of the low-income majority nations, which are on the path of development such as the South East Asian nations.

The company is willing to tap on the aspirational card as everyone wants to own an iPhone but cant afford one. However with the iPhone 5s price cut, it would soon become easier to own an iPhone like never before.


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