Apple To Launch iPhone 7 In September – Know All The Details About The Device:


Apple has been a company which has been in the markets for over the past 40 years, and has been changing several trends in the way we know the markets to be. Some of the biggest contributions of the company in the markets have been that they have been bringing forward a large number of innovations in the markets. The company is now expected to launch their next-generation iPhone device, the iPhone 7 in the month of September, and many new features are expected to now be introduced:


  • Dual Cameras: The iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone 7 Pro are being anticipated to be the variants that support this technology. These gen-next iPhone devices are now going to feature dual cameras in the back, and will be able to click pictures in many new modes than any other iPhone in the past. As of this writing the regular variant of the device is not expected to get this update.
  • 256GB of Storage Space: This time around, it has been heavily anticipated that Apple would be releasing the new-generation iPhone device with an incredible 256GB of storage space. The largest sized variant is likely to be available only on the iPhone 7 PRO device, but this is going to take storage to a whole new level.
  • Waterproof: Finally, Apple seems to be doing something which is quite a populist feature. There have been a large number of users who have been demanding the device to come out with waterproofing, and it is finally going to happen with the iPhone 7 devices.
  • Wireless Music: In addition to all these features, the debate over wireless music has been heating up. While there have been many reports which have claimed that the 3.5mm jack will be axed, many have claimed that it won’t be, as of now.

More details likely to follow over the next few weeks.


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