Android N Developer’s Preview Released: Google Surprises Devs –


The Android OS has been one of the most popular Operating Systems on the planet. There are several billion active users which enthusiastically use this platform and have been loyal to it over the years. The company has been introducing various updates and upgrades over the years and the latest one has come out as quite a surprise. Developers who are a part of the Android system have received a pleasant surprise as Google has now released the developer’s preview for the Android N OS.

Following are the top features of the Android N OS:

  1. Split-Screen Multitasking_9237d534-e672-11e5-872f-c4e2863eb78d

When Apple introduced the ability to multi-task in split-screen setting, Android too was expected to come out with a similar update. Android developers had been testing it for quite a while and the update has now been released with the Android N OS Developer’s preview.

This update is actually quite different from the iOS version of split-screen multi-tasking. Users of the Android N OS will be able to use the technology not only in their tablets, but also in their phones. Additionally, this split-screen multi-tasking can be done on both, the portrait mode as well as the landscape mode.

  1. Project Svelte

Google has been working on a new technology, which aims at reducing the consumption of RAM on the device. This has been nicknamed Project Svelte and is expected to be showcased in all it’s might in the Android N OS.

“In Android N we’re removing three commonly-used implicit broadcasts — Connectivity_Action, Action_New_Picture, and Action_New_Video — since those can wake the background processes of multiple apps at once and strain memory and battery. If your app is receiving these, take advantage of the N Developer Preview to migrate to JobScheduler and related APIs instead,” Google writes on the Android developers page.

Many other features such as improved notification settings and improvements for the Android TV, too, are expected to be a part of the Android N OS.


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