Android apps now have promo codes


For years now, users have been complaining again and again for the Android Play Store lacking promo codes for the Android apps. On the other hand, iOS already has this feature for quite some time now.

Google is finally doing something about it and is getting into the program. Promo codes have been added as an option in the Google Play developers console. This means that users and consumers will now be able to input a code and get a free app or in-app content. Finally, something users have wanted for a long time.

This feature has been explained in more detail on Google’s help pages. It’s not a free-for-all with as many promo codes as you can handle. Google has placed some limits on the system. Developers will be able to generate up to 500 free promo codes per quarter, and unused codes don’t roll over. Developers can hand out codes for any paid app/game, as well as in-app purchase content. You cannot create codes for subscription content, though.

Developers also have the option of setting expiration dates for their promo codes or pausing the promotion. The promotions can last up to one year, and as far as we know, the codes are one-time use. So, it shouldn’t be long until developers start running real free promos. We reached out to Google to see if there are any additional details.

This is  great news for both the users, consumers and developers as users and consumers are now able to get a apps for free or even in-app content while developers will get more downloads due to their promo codes and people will probably keep using their apps as long as they release promo codes once in a while to keep the interest of the consumers still into the app because they still benefit from it.

A good question would be how will the developers and companies cope with the profit they would lose from having promo codes as to having people pay for their services. This would also ultimately affect the people they reel in.



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