Hoverboards Pulled Down From Amazon –


The hottest gift of this Christmas season is literally too hot to handle. We earlier reported that the Swagway hoverboards were pulled from the Amazon website due to safety concerns a few weeks ago. However, off late, there have been several cases of hoverboards caching fire, and despite being manufactured by some of the most popular and reputed brands, the hoveroards are a technology which came out a little too premature for its time. There have been several cases of these devices catching fire, and the US government is officially tracking 11 major cases of hoverboards catching fire at the moment. Amazon has now completely pulled down all hoverboards from their store.

There have been various reports that the scooters are catching fire because the manufacturers or suppliers might have used low-quality lithium-ion batteries, which cost them cheaper.  As per a report from Forbes, Alaska Airline, United, Delta Airlines and American Airlines have banned taking the hoverboards on flight due to a fire hazard risk. Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines have also followed the suite. Screenshot_21

Alaska Airlines announced this on their official blog, saying that “As cool as they are, there’s one big problem: they are not safe to transport on an airplane.”

One of the most popular gifts this season, the hoveboards have now become quite dangerous and the issue has come out in public light. Despite this, these self-balancing scooters are still a major trend in the Philippines. As per reports, the Lazada Group website still continues the sales of hoverboards on their website.

These have become quite a trend, and everyone from young school going kids to priests are now using it! Yes, priests. A recent video showing a Catholic priest in the Philippines presiding a mass while riding a hoverboard has gone viral.

You can view this video here:



However, with rising concerns over this technology, Amazon has done the right thing by pulling down all the hoverboards. Other ecommerce websites should do the same too.


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