All WhatsApp Updates Of Recent Times –


WhatsApp has been a company which has been coming out with several updates in recent times, and it has become increasingly tougher to keep a track on what’s going on with the company. Here’s a list of the recent WhatsApp updates which have helped take WhatsApp to a whole new level:

  1. A Billion Users

The company recently announced that they have now hit a billion users landmark! One out of every seven people on this planet is now using the WhatsApp messenger, which is indeed a major achievement for them. The company announced this on their blog, and now aims at another six billion users joining the application!

  1. Free!  932929_1_0904-WhatsApp-growth_standard

In one of the biggest WhatsApp updates of recent times, the company made it official that they are dropping the $0.99 fee that they used to have earlier. The app is now completely free of cost, and WhatsApp is now aiming at integrating business communication and enhancing B2C communications with its app.

  1. 256 Users in a group

Today, the company has announced one of the most useful WhatsApp updates of recent times, where the users can now add up to 256 users in a group! The limit used to be up to 50 users when it originally began, but was later expanded to accommodate a 100 users. However, that has now become even bigger, with 256 users now a part of groups.  This will help increase the rate of user engagement on WhatsApp.

  1. Video Calling?

Another crucial update is on its way for WhatsApp. Leaked screenshots have indicated that the company is going to soon introduce video calling facilities on their device. Though limited details are known about this as of now, it is expected that the company is going to release it before the year ends. More details on WhatsApp video calling HERE.


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