Adobe Lightroom 2 Released For Android Devices:


Adobe has been a company which has been coming out with a large number of updates and upgrades in recent times and has been changing the way the markets know the world of software technology to be. The company has been a leading name in the world of software technology for a really long time now, and has been changing the way the markets function. Adobe has been working on the lines of development of software technology and has been introducing newer tools to the mobile platforms off late. The latest update now takes the lightroom application one step forward, as Adobe introduced the Adobe Lightroom 2 –

The Adobe Lightroom 2 features many new offerings which were not a part of the application before, and the biggest highlight of this update is the fact that a new in-app camera has been introduced in the Adobe Lightroom 2 app. This gives the users the ability to click photos in the RAW format. Screenshot_14

The new and updated Adobe Lightroom 2 application also features several new camera presets, which allow the users to preview the final image before they actually click a picture. Adobe, for the promotion and the testing of the app, have noted that they have been working with professional photographer Colby Brown using a Nexus 6P device.

The company has introduced several new tools with the Adobe Lightroom 2 update, and features such as the dehaze tool, as well as the split toning enhancement.

The updated app also enhances the sharing function with the help of the Adobe Light Clip. The Adobe Lightroom 2 update also features the addition of a ‘point mode’ in the curve tool, which helps the users of the app take control over the contrast and the tonality of the images.

This is indeed a positive step forward by Adobe for the promotion of their lightroom service.


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