Astronaut Scott Kelly Creates Tumblr Account; Posts Photos of Blizzard in Space


The ever-famous and social media aficionado NASA astronaut Scott Kelly just created an account in Tumblr and made his first post showing a stunning space storm captured from the International Space Station.

Kelly showed a rare photo of a space blizzard that tore across the East Coast with a note saying that how these things are “remarkably visible from space.” He knows very well that fans and followers are always waiting for his one-of-a-kind posts showing what the view looks like from the space station.

Many people are dreaming of standing right where Kelly is and taking the selfies that he usually does.

During the previous week, Kelly has been tracking the activity of the blizzard and updates fans and followers on his Twitter account. He started posting photos on Friday and Saturday showing the area covered by the storm as it grew bigger. He entitled his first Tumblr post “Chasing Storms at 17,500 mph. He also posted photos of breathtaking weather shots taken last year when he was only 250 miles above the planet.

Kelly never forgets to update his social media accounts of every bit of detail about their life aboard the International Space Station.

Recently, he commemorated his 304th day aboard the ISS and showed a photo of Earth partially losing its sunlight. The American astronaut is already holding the US record for longest cumulative time spent in space, and will do so until he wraps up his one-year mission as the commander of the ISS. He is expected to return to ground by March 2016.

His year-long mission focuses on the possible effects or reaction of the body to long time periods of stay away from the planet that will come handy for long and deep space travels. He is doing the study with his twin brother who is staying on ground and will act as comparison.

Source: The Verge



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