Listen to NASA on Building the Death Star “Ultimate Weapon”


NASA’s Chief laboratory engineer Brian Muirhead discussed how to go and about the agency’s Asteroid Redirect Mission to built Death Star using something that has long been in space – asteroids.

Empire has devised a very complicated way of building a massive planet-killing space station that requires extensive labor and very expensive materials obtained throughout the galaxy. But Muirhead believes that making this dream into reality is by following a more natural way with the use of asteroid.

The website Wired released a video on December 10 featuring Muirhead as he discussed his roundabout route in creating the Empire’s self-proclaimed “ultimate weapon” much popular as Death Star patterned to that seen in the movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

And to make this Death Star they always literally start with nothing out of thin air.

It is very rarely that you’ll come across someone who is not familiar with Death Star even though they are not fans of the movie because it often includes heavy metals, organic compounds and water.

But Muirhead opposes this belief that building of building Death Stars out of nothing because there will always be a more natural way of creating things.

Then he directed his discussion towards NASA’s asteroid mission wherein they plan to send astronauts to an asteroid, land there and pull a chunk of it back to the moon’s orbit. The quest targets to find alternative methods on reducing the dependence of astronauts to Earth’s supplies and backup.

The success of this mission will result to a more cost-efficient journey to Mars if they will use the area around the moon known as “cis-lunar space” for refueling and stacking supplies, instead of waiting for Earth to send it to them.

At the moment, astronauts are aiming of collecting samples from the asteroid’s surface for further analysis.

The agency plans have the mission set on 2023.

While the much-awaited intergalactic movie inspired by this lesson is scheduled to open in theaters on December 18, so watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens and see how the Death Star wrecks planets.

But even with all these advises and discussion on building a Death, it seems impossible at the moment for one to actually create one.



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