Google Play Movies iOS app now features AirPlay support


The AirPlay devices of Apple may loom as a direct rival to Google Chromecast platform, but that didn’t deter the search engine behemoth from including Airplay support for Google Play Movies & TV. The new feature implies that users can stream content from Google’s immense archive of titles from iPads and iPhones to their Apple TVs.

Earlier, iOS users had to possess a Chromecast device just to view Google Play Movies and TV shows on their HDTV. With the latest update, users can now stream content from a Google Play account to any third-gen or newer Apple TV, as defined on the iTunes page of the app (system software 7.0 or better is needed in order for your Apple TV to be well-suited.)

Aside from it is compatible with AirPlay, the Google Play app for iOS has been restructured and comes with a new appearance. Google Play Movies is beefed with new features such as HD and cellular streaming, according to iTunes page of the app.

Google’s compatibility with AirPlay can be surprising to a number of users knowing that the two companies are fierce rivals in different niches such as digital media streamers and mobile devices.

But the immense number of iPhone and iPad users worldwide may have been enticing, making it worthwhile to Google to foray into the market, even if a lot of users will be streaming via an Apple TV rather than from a Chromecast device. In any case, Apple boasts of more than 43% share in the market when comScore peered into mobile handset users in the United States over three months winding up in September.

At one fell swoop, the move of Google may signify faith in Chromecast to outperform its rivals. The cheap $35 device has proven to be specifically flourishing as it bested its Q3’s non-gaming digital media streaming device sales, according to a report furnished by Strategy Analytics.

Whatever reasons behind Google’s latest exploit, AirPlay support for Google Play Movies & TV is indeed great news for iOS users, as it provides them another feature for streaming.



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