Dark Matter Surrounds Cluster of Young Galaxies


The ALMA Telescope recently spotted a cluster of young but gigantic galaxies being surrounded in dark matter.

The researchers with the use of the Atacama Large Millimetes/submillimeter Array (ALMA) clearly captured evidence of star formation releasing high energy in the young galactic cluster, as reported by the Discovery News.

These gigantic galaxies are spotted in the area of the sky named SSA22 which appears to be enshrouded by dark matter.

Dark matter is an unknown substance in the universe, but one thing is for sure – dominates the universe in its entity. Scientists have indirectly detected its presence. They associate and use its presence as the reason why galaxies move from time to time. And good explanation for its purpose is because the amount of visible matter in the universe is not enough for humans to understand the occurrence of cosmic motion with the influence of dark matter.

With years of observation, scientists have noticed that the universe seems to be filled with long streaks of dark matter mostly covering the areas where galaxies are located. They believe that dark matter played a big role in the formation of the earliest galaxies after the Big Bang. And eventually explain how the current universe evolved and formed through the billions of years of its existence.

With this new sighting by the ALMA telescope, researchers could decipher new understanding in the relationship of dark matter and galactic formation. Hopefully, they’ll spot something new and unusual in the new star-forming galactic cluster.

The cluster is 11.5 billion light years away from Earth, which scientists consider as one rare sight as they observe formation of massive galaxies, elliptical in shape.

They have come to consider that dark matter is present in the cluster as they compared data from various telescopes and used gravitationally influenced movements from nearby visible objects. With that, they mapped out the likely location of dark matter in the area. The evidence that they got is a strong case to show that most galaxies form deep within the dark matter as the universe continuously expand.

The study was published in the Astrophysical Journal Letters.

Source: The Space Reporter



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