Normalize Breast Feeding Because Moms Benefits too!


Two more new studies have come to prove the never-ending benefits of breast feeding for both the mother and the baby nurturing mind, heart and body.

The studies wants to show that breast feeding reduces the chances that the mother will be at risk of diabetes and cancer when compared to mother who did not and does not prefer to breast feed their babies.

One study included 1,035 women who were diagnosed of developing gestational diabetes while they were pregnant. The condition links the mother of higher chances of developing Type II diabetes after their pregnancy. However, these women showed 50 percent less chances of developing diabetes if they breast feed their baby.

They explained the result by saying that lactation highly improves the sensitivity of insulin and metabolism greatly reducing the mother’s risk of diabetes.

Result show that breast feeding women with “higher intensity and longer duration of lactation” were found to be less likely to develop type II diabetes two years after pregnancy.

The other study says that breast feeding women were found to be less likely to develop only certain types of breast cancer.

The team behind this study took data from 27 medical studies to see the probability of developing certain types of breast cancer among breastfeeding mothers. Result show that these women are less likely to develop “triple negative” breast cancer by 20 percent. This is a certain form of breast cancer wherein the patient lacks the common hormone markers in the body such as estrogen, receptors, progesterone receptors and human epidermal growth factors receptor 2 (HER2).

Director Dr. Marisa Weiss of breast health outreach at Lankenau Medical Center in Philadelphia and senior author of the study said that they are still uncertain as to why breast feeding seems to have protective powers over women from developing breast cancer. But in theory, they believe that breasts are not fully developed until it is used for breast feeding.

“It takes a first full-term pregnancy for it to finally grow up and mature on the inside and take on capability to make milk,” Weiss told ABC News describing breasts as immature.

It has been proven in the past that breast feeding gives better outcomes for infants, but now experts are more concerned of proving its beneficial effects to the mother.

“It’s better for the baby and better for the mom,” Weiss said, adding that it is an important opportunity that no mother should miss.

It has been recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics that mothers should breast feed for at least six months if it is possible. And the agency noted that, “each year of breast-feeding has been calculated to result in a 4.3 percent reduction in breast cancer.”

Professor of Obstetrics Dr. Marjorie Greenfield and gynecology at University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio heighted the fact that women should be more aware of these studies giving them informed decisions when they journey into the world of motherhood, rather than simply joining the trend of formula feeding.

She said that,” I think it’s one more piece of information and I think it’s particularly helpful for women who are overweight and have diabetes.”

But women should receive equal support in their decision whether they opt to breast feed or not.

Source: ABC News



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