T-Mobile Terrible Programs bolster its Q2 2016 performance


Wireless carrier T-Mobile has just unfurled its second quarter 2016 performance and based on its figures it seems like things are getting great on the part of the company. The company’s robust growth can be the result of its fruitful Un-carrier campaign that it had dished out which enticed a huge number of new customers on its fold and made its old customers more loyal than ever.

 When the company unveiled its free campaign several weeks ago the company is not expecting that it will reap gargantuan success. During the unveiling of the free program, T-Mobile Tuesday’s application crashed no thanks to the mammoth number of users that took part. One week later, the company’s freebie teammate, Domino’s, deserted the program after it handed an immense amount of pizza to the program’s numerous participants at no cost.
 In spite of this pitfalls, the program endured while providing irresistible deals like the Lyft Ride $15 voucher and just disclosed lately that Pokemon Go will not consume data for one year.
These pocket-sized deals handed out by T-Mobile via its Un-carrier initiative are obvious that they have a great impact on the company’s second quarter of 2016 performance as the company managed to obtain 646,000 new postpaid phone users. Things are not all bright for the company as it absorbed new record low of 1.27% on its turnover rate for postpaid customers. In comparison, Verizon disclosed that they had received 86,000 new phone users while AT&T absorbed a stinging setback as it squandered 180,000 postpaid customers.

CFO Mike Sievert didn’t disclose more information about the impact of T-Mobile Tuesday’s application on the company’s latest performance but he states that the Un-carrier 11 has stirred up the netizens on the web gaining 6.6 billion impressions on social media sites. These figures will exhibit that customers are glad about little things that are provided to them by the carrier they opt for.

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Source: CNet


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