Nintendo Unfurls New 3DS RPG, Ever Oasis


Nintendo’s newest game will enable players explore dungeons, battle with a wide range of monsters and solve baffling puzzles.

Nintendo wishes to turn the tables on its side as it just comes up with brand new 3DS RPG.

Video game megalith has just come up with a new 3DS RPG that enables players to erect and gain control of a desert paradise, produce equipment and create a party to discover dungeons and solve an assortment of puzzles in Ever Oasis. The new game is created by Grezzo.

Launched today on the Treehouse Live stage at E3 2016, Ever Oasis takes into account the story of Tethu, a young boy who is destined to build a village which is situated at the heart of the desert which will serve as a launching point for a journey to look for his older brother, who has been separated with him due to chaos.

Koichi Ishii, the game’s producer and director, is renowned for directing the first three Final Fantasy games, the majority of the Mana series and recognized with his creation of chocobos and moogles.

Ever Oasis is a game that boasts a remarkable style and comes with a lot of possibilities. It’s quite like the management Sim, as Tethu makes an oasis for enticing wanderers from isolated tribes. Those wanderers team up with Tethu on his quest, helping him fight monsters, answer puzzles and pile up materials to produce new equipment and items.

A live demo that was unfurled during the stream displayed the creation of shops where the player can unload items to be sold to visiting wanderers. The demonstration shifted to a dungeon, displaying an assortment of puzzle solving and action-packed RPG fights, both needing switching between party members to take advantage of special skills.

Nintendo hasn’t disclosed when the game will be released which is quite bad news for hardcore Pokemon gamers who can’t wait much longer.


Source: kotaku


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