Big changes to unfurl on Skype for Web


Skype is a software that is designed to allow users to video chat and voice call other users. Within the program, users can exchange digital documents such as images, text, videos, and any other digital data. Skype was developed by the Microsoft Corporation on the 29th of August in 2003.

Skype has been serving different types of people. Skype is giving free one-on-one video calls and conference voice calls for 12 years now. Skype is surely doing a good job and just recently, Skype has just announced a big change that will allow Microsoft Edge users to utilize Skype with relative ease.

Microsoft announced that Microsoft Edge users will now be able to have Skype calls and video chats on, OneDrive, Office Online, and Outlook. You can do this now without installing any software! Microsoft’s aim is to free Skype from any plugins.

This has been taking effect for a while now, but if you’re going to have group calls between web and desktop version of Skype, you will still need to install a plugin. If you want to use Skype without any kind of plugin, it will only be possible to both Microsoft Edge users.

The plugin-free Skype will still be running on WebRT, a standard for Skype. That will hinder the plugin-free Skype to work on Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, but Microsoft will extend their support to different Internet browsers when they already support the H.264 video codec.

Skype has helped to bring people closer and this new change that Microsoft Corporation developed for Skype will have a huge impact on its users. Although it only supports Microsoft Edge, you can always count on Microsoft Corporation to bring the best out of their products.

“Our focus is on basic 1:1 communications, and we will initially support a single H.264/AVC stream within PeerConnection.” Microsoft said, however, that the advance functionalities such as the multi-stream support, provisional answers, or the WebRTC 1.0 object model will not be a part of this big change, since it is currently out of their scope.



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